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MotoGP is the premier class of motorsport and the biggest test for the best drivers. Motorcyclists take every corner at full speed and offers the most spectacular races you’ve ever seen. 2012 MotoGP season kicks off in March in the desert of Qatar, and does not stop until November in Valencia. Throughout the season you can enjoy a variety of special events famous MotoGP Jerez circuit, Brno and Le Mans, and classics from Silverstone and Sachsenring.

Some of the most challenging circuits on the calendar are from Estoril and Laguna Seca , one of the most dangerous routes in the world. The best bets and betting on the MotoGP motorcycle racing online are ready at the starting line of bwin. At number one in sports betting online you will find over bets on all races online.

MotoGP motorcycle racing betting

Once again, 2013 promises to be a year filled with action and suspense. The results are becoming ever closer and the battle of the drivers are in the top 3 is a drama about speed asphalt fed . Who will be able to defeat the king of MotoGP rider Casey Stoner in 2012? Predecessors, ” Kentucky Kid” Nicky Hayden, Jorge Lorenzo and “The Doctor” Valentino Rossi are the hottest candidates for the coveted title . The MotoGP bwin can bet on your favorites and you can test their knowledge of motorcycle racing in all classes (125, Moto2 and MotoGP).

Betting on bike

Those who choose the right tires at the right time and use the best possible training, qualifications and heating for the optimal start the race? You already know who is your favorite? Then stay with the top three riders in the race, place your bets bets head to head or feel your pulse race as one of many live betting at your disposal! At bet365 find additional results of all the races from MotoGP 125cc and Moto2 class.

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