Classic betting

Classic bets are those bets that can be placed just before the actual start of the event. These types of sports bets can be placed either at Bookmaker on-line via the Internet or bookie where you pay in cash, in exchange for receiving a ticket with particular wager. The main advantage of these types of bookmakers is given in terms of the maximum bet you can ask one bet. If you live betting , betting in general do not exceed the maximum permissible value of several hundred dollars , Classic episodes this maximum amount may be a risk of at least 10 times higher.

Outright Betting

Outright bets are those bets that the winner is chosen at the end of the match or equal regular time . Each bookmaker defines the regular time of play for various sports according to their own rules. Regular time differs from many bookmakers, in general, for basketball and ice hockey.

Betting Handicap

Betting Handicap bets are those that give an advantage point (or points subunit ) team considered by bookmakers to be at a disadvantage in such a way that its shares be balanced around 2.00 shares.

Total bets

Total bets are those bets that you choose the number of total points scored during the regular sporting event desafsurare . These types of bets can be two possible events ‘ sub-total ‘ or ‘ above ‘ or three possible events ‘ total ‘ , ‘ above ‘ and ‘ exactly everything ‘.

Types of tickets

One way ticket containing a single bet . Multiple tickets contain two or more bets (usually up to a maximum of 14 ) . They can be played in sistem default or combined . These types of bookmakers are used when trying to win a big pot with a relatively small amount invested.

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