Betting on NHL season 2012/2013

The regular 2012/2013 season in NHL will begin on December 1 and will continue until April 13. The reason for the calendar to be shortened this year is the lockout, which was announced after the clubs’ owners and the hockey players have failed to agree on the distribution of the income.

What does it mean for our betting opportunities? In a nutshell, it would be chaos. As we can see in allpro sportsbook the most important conclusion or warning that can be made when we have a situation like this with the shortened season is that all the betting trends and conclusions we have seen in the normal seasons are absolutely irrelevant in the shortened one.

So if you have a betting system for matches from NHL which has been successful for many years, just put it aside as not to lose any money.

The same thing happened last year when we had a lockout in another professional sport in the U.S. – basketball from the National Basketball Association. The NBA stars boycotted last year’s season and played fewer matches than usual. As a result, none of the well-known trends in basketball matches proved to be profitable. People who still decided to risk betting on the usual systems lost a lot of money, something that they will surely remember for the rest of their lives.

Of course, all those bettors who love to bet on riskier betting systems can use the lack of stability in trends offered by the lockout in the NHL. For example, you can try betting on a long series of under or over matches, which is more usual to happen when we have this unstable situation.

Of course there are many more betting options today in NHL, but what is certainly clear is that the season for hockey bettors this year won’t offer the same betting options as the last few years. Keep this in mind when setting your betting systems for the new season in NHL.

What factors should I consider for betting?

Live betting for those who are beginners betting online can be extremely fun, but also very risky , given the opportunity in some cases to bet on multiple outcomes that vary their share of the game every 20 seconds. To avoid large , too costly risks is crucial to set the proper limits of the game for themselves and to be selective with their live betting will help you become a successful bettor.

Surely the most avid and experienced bettors are watching or listening to sporting events on which they placed a bet . If no one is to follow a sporting event in which you are playing live betting, you make a big mistake. You should not bet on live -betting if you fail to follow the event. Conversely, if you like to watch live sports event on which you have bet , then the live betting can be good for you . Let us look at a typical case in which we should live betting rather than playing normally.

Suppose that Manchester United is facing Everton at the start of the match Everton scores a goal. Before the game , we were interested in but we did not bet because the odds were a bit ‘ too high. Suppose now that , even though Everton scored soon after the start of the match , the record says United are playing well from the back and are more and more promising opportunities. The odds of the bet live are low for United’s win because this team is below a goal and after a few minutes passed.

If we think that United have the class and the ability to finish the match with a win after a shaky start , then it is the perfect opportunity to bet live on the victory of Manchester United.

Classic betting

Classic bets are those bets that can be placed just before the actual start of the event. These types of sports bets can be placed either at Bookmaker on-line via the Internet or bookie where you pay in cash, in exchange for receiving a ticket with particular wager. The main advantage of these types of bookmakers is given in terms of the maximum bet you can ask one bet. If you live betting , betting in general do not exceed the maximum permissible value of several hundred dollars , Classic episodes this maximum amount may be a risk of at least 10 times higher.

Outright Betting

Outright bets are those bets that the winner is chosen at the end of the match or equal regular time . Each bookmaker defines the regular time of play for various sports according to their own rules. Regular time differs from many bookmakers, in general, for basketball and ice hockey.

Betting Handicap

Betting Handicap bets are those that give an advantage point (or points subunit ) team considered by bookmakers to be at a disadvantage in such a way that its shares be balanced around 2.00 shares.

Total bets

Total bets are those bets that you choose the number of total points scored during the regular sporting event desafsurare . These types of bets can be two possible events ‘ sub-total ‘ or ‘ above ‘ or three possible events ‘ total ‘ , ‘ above ‘ and ‘ exactly everything ‘.

Types of tickets

One way ticket containing a single bet . Multiple tickets contain two or more bets (usually up to a maximum of 14 ) . They can be played in sistem default or combined . These types of bookmakers are used when trying to win a big pot with a relatively small amount invested.

Online Betting on MotoGP with bet365

MotoGP is the premier class of motorsport and the biggest test for the best drivers. Motorcyclists take every corner at full speed and offers the most spectacular races you’ve ever seen. 2012 MotoGP season kicks off in March in the desert of Qatar, and does not stop until November in Valencia. Throughout the season you can enjoy a variety of special events famous MotoGP Jerez circuit, Brno and Le Mans, and classics from Silverstone and Sachsenring.

Some of the most challenging circuits on the calendar are from Estoril and Laguna Seca , one of the most dangerous routes in the world. The best bets and betting on the MotoGP motorcycle racing online are ready at the starting line of bwin. At number one in sports betting online you will find over bets on all races online.

MotoGP motorcycle racing betting

Once again, 2013 promises to be a year filled with action and suspense. The results are becoming ever closer and the battle of the drivers are in the top 3 is a drama about speed asphalt fed . Who will be able to defeat the king of MotoGP rider Casey Stoner in 2012? Predecessors, ” Kentucky Kid” Nicky Hayden, Jorge Lorenzo and “The Doctor” Valentino Rossi are the hottest candidates for the coveted title . The MotoGP bwin can bet on your favorites and you can test their knowledge of motorcycle racing in all classes (125, Moto2 and MotoGP).

Betting on bike

Those who choose the right tires at the right time and use the best possible training, qualifications and heating for the optimal start the race? You already know who is your favorite? Then stay with the top three riders in the race, place your bets bets head to head or feel your pulse race as one of many live betting at your disposal! At bet365 find additional results of all the races from MotoGP 125cc and Moto2 class.